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Onboard international hires in minutes, not weeks. Remote’s employer of record services help you grow your global team with confidence with one EOR platform.

Compliantly hire, manage and pay anyone, anywhere

Imagine you found the perfect developer in Denmark, a brilliant marketer in Morocco, or a top sales rep in Singapore. Now what?

We own legal entities around the world so you don't have to.

We handle payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance, and more, for one flat monthly price.

We're so confident you'll love our simple, yet powerful platform that if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund our management fees for your first 90 days.

With just a few clicks, you can start onboarding your new hire, risk free.

Manage HR tasks in one place

  • Approve time off and expense requests

  • Process job description and compensation changes, and support relocations

  • Get expert guidance on unique labor laws for each country

Pay your team on time, in their local currency

  • Understand your payroll costs, including employer taxes and other fees

  • Offer benefits that fit your budget and employer value proposition

  • Reward employees with incentives, bonuses, and other stipends

See how easy it is to get started

Take our self-guided tour to see how easy it is to hire, manage, and pay your team with Remote Employer of Record.

Offer benefits and perks to attract and retain top talent

Remote lets you hire the best person for the job — no matter where in the world they live. But how do you ensure they're happy and invested? We’ve got you covered.

Flexible benefits packages

Take advantage of our group rates to offer cost-effective benefits in each country. Our flexible benefits plans help you save money and time.

Equity incentives

Reward and motivate your team by offering equity globally and let us handle the tax and reporting requirements.

Time off

Offer unlimited leave or generous time off. Employees can request and you can approve quickly and easily in-platform.

Expense reimbursement

Offer expense budgets for home office equipment, co-working allowances, learning, and more. Employees can easily submit claims and get reimbursed.

Don’t just take our word for it

Loved by thousands of global organizations

  • "The level of trust and transparency with Remote felt quite different from some of the other pricing conversations that I have had in the past. Sometimes you go into these conversations feeling like you’re about to be oversold. But Remote is genuinely interested in optimizing our business, and giving us the best pricing models and plans for our needs."
  • “Our previous EOR had outsourced the payroll work in that country. It was the cheapest entity they could find, and it was rubbish. The fact that Remote has entities in each country means that you ARE a part of Remote. Not an unknown third party.”
  • “We’re a publicly listed company, so we needed the stability and reliability of a well-known brand to help us scale; with the support, the roadmap, and the ability to support multiple countries — and handle all the compliance wherever we wanted to hire. Remote immediately ticked all those boxes."
  • “What sets Remote apart from all other providers is that it is 100% scalable and reliable. It’s so simple to hire, onboard, manage, and pay top talent. Remote makes it so simple and we know we’re compliant. It’s brilliant.”

Give every employee a first-class experience

They’ll feel guided, cared for, and empowered to manage all aspects of their employment from our user-friendly platform and mobile app.

Employees can self-serve with ease
  • Self-onboard

  • Manage benefits and provide payroll deposit methods

  • View personal details

  • Manage and request time off

  • Track working hours and submit timesheets

  • Submit expenses for reimbursement

  • View payslips

  • Request documents like employment verification

  • Access the Remote Help Center


Manage all your global HR tasks from a single platform

Employee profiles

View employee profiles and update employment details instantly

Local benefits

Offer country-specific benefits packages at specially-negotiated rates

Stock options

Offer equity to global team members — we’ll help you stay compliant

Tax calculation

Pay hourly or salaried workers — we’ll handle location-specific taxes and withholding

Time and attendance

Approve time off requests, track working hours, and monitor attendance


Approve and pay expense reimbursements and incentives

Salary benchmarking

Leverage the Compensation Calculator to see how far your money will go in different markets

Helpful support

Get the help you need any time through chat, requests, or our self-service Help Center.

Making global employment easy

Hiring internationally can be confusing. Our tools, guides, and expert support are here to guide you through your global hiring journey.

Fair Price Guarantee

Get peace of mind with our fair and transparent pricing.

Low, flat-rate pricing

Hire, manage, and pay contractors and employees for one low, monthly rate.

No hidden fees or surprises

Unlike other providers, we don’t charge extra for services like offboarding or equity management.

No Minimums

No minimum contract amounts or lengths, number of hires, or exclusivity agreements. Companies of all sizes can use Remote in the way that works for them.

Pay as you go

We don’t require upfront deposits for every employee. Instead, we use intelligent risk scoring and may require a reserve in rare circumstances. Keep your cash and use it to grow your business.

EOR Satisfaction Guarantee

Try Remote risk-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, we'll refund all management fees for the first 90 days.

Only pay for what you use

Unlike other vendors, we only charge you for the contractors you work with in a given month, saving you money automatically.

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Hire internationally with Remote EOR

Employer of Record

Hire and pay your global team

Starting at $599/month

for annual plans

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • No deposits or hidden fees

  • Zero onboarding or offboarding fees

  • Compliant equity incentives support including withholding and reporting

  • Built-in security and compliance

  • Fast onboarding (average 2-3 days)

  • Flexible, localized benefits

  • If you're not completely satisfied, we will refund all management fees paid during your first 90 days.

  • Unlike other providers, you’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying and we never tack on extra fees for services like offboarding or equity management.

  • We don't charge extra for onboarding or offboarding employees.

  • Other providers claim to provide compliant equity incentives support, but only Remote can manage the entire lifecyle including withholding and reporting.

  • Avoid risk during every step of the hiring and employment process with built-in security and compliance and proactive monitoring that covers right to hire, payroll, taxes, benefits, and more.

  • Onboard employees in days, not weeks.

  • Flexible benefits plans tailored to each country to help you attract world-class talent

Employer of Record FAQs

The short answer is yes, but doing so either requires you to open your own legal entity in the country or hire the workers as contractors. Both strategies have their pros and cons.

If you open your own legal entity, you will be responsible for managing your entire operation in the new country. That means hiring attorneys, payroll specialists, benefits administrators, and other professionals. This might make sense if you plan to hire hundreds of people in a new country, but if you only plan to employ a handful (or even a few dozen), an EOR is more cost effective.

Hiring workers as contractors demands vigilance. International contractor misclassification is a serious issue and can result in significant fines and penalties. Using an EOR shields your business from potential compliance risks by making sure workers fully established employees.

An Employer of Record, or EOR, is a company that legally employs workers on behalf of another business.

It's important to understand that not all Employers of Record operate in the same way, and there are significant differences in how EOR services are provided. Some EORs, like Remote, own their own legal entities in each country they operate in, while others serve as intermediaries without owning any entities. Some EORs might even use a combination of their own and partner entities. It’s crucial to choose an EOR that fits your specific needs for employment compliance in the countries where you plan to hire."

An Employer of Record (EOR) can hire employees on your behalf in other countries, while a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) may not. Some companies call themselves 'international PEOs' and offer EOR services. Others using the term 'international PEO' only provide services for companies that already have legal entities in other countries.

Think of it like this: if you need to hire someone in a country where you don't have a legal entity, you need an EOR. If you're looking for help managing HR functions, such as payroll and benefits administration, in a country where you already have your own entity, you need a PEO. Basically, a PEO provides many of the same services as an EOR but doesn't handle the legal employment of your employees in other countries.

Learn more about the differences between an EOR and a PEO in our helpful guide.

Employer of Record (EOR) costs usually come in two forms: a flat fee or a percentage-based pricing model. Flat fees are charged per employee, regardless of their position or salary. Percentage models charge a fee based on a percentage of the employee's salary; these fees can vary depending on the employee's level and pay.

Be wary of EOR pricing models that use a percentage. Global employment costs can fluctuate widely, but a reliable EOR will account for these costs and give you a clear idea of your bill upfront. Percentage-based fee structures might encourage companies to keep worker salaries low while increasing payments to third-party providers.

Remote’s EOR pricing is $599 per month when paid annually, or $699 when paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, minimums, contract lengths, or exclusivity agreements. Choose the plan that best fits your team’s needs. View our pricing page to see how easy, quick, and affordable growing your global team can be.

The main role of an Employer of Record (EOR) is to act as the legal employer for your employees in other countries. Your EOR protects your company from liability and compliance risks by legally employing workers on your behalf.

An EOR also takes care of the complex HR tasks associated with hiring workers in different countries. Regulations vary widely, including how often employees should be paid, which currencies are acceptable, how much paid time off is required, and much more. EORs handle all these complexities for you, allowing you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on recruiting staff to expand your business.

It’s important to note that an EOR does not manage the employee’s daily tasks or performance. You interact with employees hired through an EOR just as you would with any other employee. The only difference between an employee in your office and one under an EOR in another country is who manages the paperwork.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party provider legally responsible for another organization's employees. Among other responsibilities, an EOR manages the payroll administration for employees in other countries. When you hire someone in another country through an EOR, you provide the funds to the EOR, and they handle the distribution of salaries, including any necessary tax deductions, social security contributions, and retirement account funding.

Working with an EOR enables you to confidently manage international payroll complexities in compliance with foreign laws. An EOR allows you to employ workers in other countries without needing to become an expert in the payroll laws and customs of those countries. You simply find the right candidate for the job, and then let your EOR handle the details.

When comparing employer of record services, consider the number of countries where they provide direct services, the range of global HR solutions they offer such as payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, and local taxes, as well as how thoroughly they ensure compliance with local laws in each country they serve. Additionally, the quality of the user interface should be taken into account.

Only partner with an EOR that owns its own local entities in the countries where you want to hire. Otherwise, you might find your employees are hired through an unknown third party, leaving you with little oversight or control over the quality of their experience.

Furthermore, your EOR should offer strong protections for your intellectual property.

Without strong protections, you might find yourself embroiled in uncomfortable situations and lengthy legal battles over intellectual property ownership in different countries—a nightmare for any business. Here are a few questions you might consider asking:

  • Do you own an entity in this country, or do you outsource employment and compliance to a third party?

  • How do you safeguard intellectual property and invention rights in this country?

  • Do you share employee data with any third parties?

  • Do you store all employee documents for employees in all countries in one easy-to-access location?

Remote owns all our own entities, provides the strongest IP protection and data security in the industry, and offers best-in-class global employment software to meet your needs.

Yes, using an Employer of Record is completely legal in most countries. However, the highest level of legal compliance is typically offered by EORs that own their own business entities in the countries where you want to hire.

Before you start working with an EOR, make sure they own a local entity and have the necessary expertise to properly manage localized payroll, health benefits, taxes, and any other benefits or compensation you might offer, such as stock options.

If you are unsure when to use an employer of record, learn more about why an EOR is often the most straightforward approach to international employment.

Still have more questions? Contact support.