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Struggling to find the right candidates for hard-to-fill roles? Remote Talent is here to help.

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Why Remote Talent?

Learn more about Remote Talent and how you can connect with top candidates across the globe today.

Post jobs with ease

It's fast and easy to publish all your open positions on Remote Talent – and you don't need to be an existing Remote customer to get started.

Create your employer profile

Showcase your company profile and share insights about your values to attract the best candidates.

Transparent job requirements

Prevent applications from poor-fit candidates before they happen. Specify important details like the countries and time zones you’re open to hiring in, whether a role is remote/hybrid/onsite, and more.

Get seen by the world's best talent

Open the door to a pool of diverse, qualified applicants across the globe. Share a job post and start attracting top talent with ease.

Attract top global talent

Put your roles in the spotlight, and get in front of diverse, qualified candidates across the globe.

  • Jobseekers can search and filter

  • Promote your roles across Remote's platforms

Streamline international hiring

Simplify your HR stack by recruiting, hiring, and managing your international team members all in one place, with Remote

Find the best candidates for your open roles

Using Remote Talent, you can reach a wide audience of global talent and connect with diverse, qualified candidates for your open roles.

Unlock compliant global hiring

Once you’ve found the right candidate, you can choose to hire them through Remote Employer of Record (EOR) or Contractor Management. With Remote, it doesn’t matter where your employee or contractor lives — we handle everything from local contracts to compliant hiring, as well as local payroll and benefits for employees.

Manage your new team in one place

Use Remote to manage your new employees and contractors in one simple tool. You’ll never need another HR platform again!

Hire the best international talent

Remote Talent

Reach top-tier professionals from every corner of the globe

Starting at $119/month
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  • Easily share open roles

  • Get noticed by diverse, qualified candidates across the globe

  • Transparent information for targeted recruitment

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